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Things stay the same

As an exercise in self-analysis, I will now post a survey I took in January of 2005 and cross off the things that no longer apply to me as of January 2008 (you don't really have to read this, but if you knew me back then, you might get a kick out of it):

Seven things that scare you:
1. Death. Of anyone or anything.
2. Roaches. I hate the damn things.
3. The fact that time never ends. Eternity.
4. Random pains.
5. Nuclear war (obviously).
6. Waiting in line for a roller coaster.
7. Small enclosed spaces.

Seven things that make you laugh:
1. My friends.
2. My family and its history. I have a very amusing family XD. They’re rather derranged. If you ever want to hear the story, it involves gypsies and/or trying to get out of family reunions.
3. Stand up comedians.
4. The Daily Show.
5. A shitload of songs, including: "My Boo", "I'm Into Something Good", "Ramble On", "The Entertainer", and "Blinded By the Light", all of which are good songs (with the exception of "My Boo").
6. The word meatloaf. The guy, too.
7. Poorly written movies featuring bad actors (which usually take the form of crappy singers that woke up one morning and decided that it would be a good career move to appear in a movie and suck).

Seven things you love:
1. Writing and books.
2. FOOD.
3. People watching/cruising in a car, with no place to go.
4. Music. My clarinet. My bass. My CD collection. My stereo. Etc.
5. Stargazing.
6. Movies and video games, TV in general... I’m a pop-culture lemming.
7. And the obligatory response, my friends and family. And God. Also God. Can’t forget Him.

Seven things you hate:
1. My computer. Actually, to be fair, it's spyware I hate.
2. People who don’t know what they’re talking about, but continue to talk about it anyway.
3. The decay of western civilization, and people who like to keep me informed about the decay of western civilization.
4. Narrow minded people. You’re allowed to like more than one kind of music. It is possible. Assholes.
5. Peas and watermelon.
6. The word "Okeechobee". Just typing it makes me want to vomit.
7. The fact that I am constantly losing EVERYTHING. All the time. I'm in a perpetual state of absentminded-ness.

Seven things you don't understand:
1. The saying "the END justifies the MEANS." What does it mean, really?
2. How somene can tell what direction they're facing at night (i.e.- without the help of the sun).
3. Why the letter "c" doesn't actually have it's own sound. It either sounds like "s" or "k". I mean really, what's up with that? (to make "e"s at the end of a word silent but still retain the "s" sound, or to make a vowel that precedes a "k" short instead of long)
4. Russian.
5. E. E. Cummings.
6. The universe and infinite... things.
7. Calculus?

Seven things you wonder about:
1. What would the world be like if everyone had three arms?
2. How do you describe color to a blind person/what would it be like to be blind? Because a person who's been blind their whole life has no idea what it's like to see, and they get along just fine without it (most of the time). They have to. And it's absolutely impossible to describe sight to someone who can't see. So does that mean that there are other senses out there? Senses that are equally as important as sight that we don't have and that we can't tell that we don't have because, well, it's impossible to know what they are without experiencing them?
3. Is there life on other planets, and, if so, are they as obsessed with us as we are with them?
4. Is trying to preserve the environment a noble effort or simply a completely selfish act, meant only to preserve our own species?
5. Is everything that we do ultimately for our own happiness, or someone else's?
6. What the hell is that smell coming from under my bed/my back pack?
7. How does it feel to be out on your own, like a rolling stone?/Can anybody find me somebody to love?/Classic Rock references? WTF?

Top seven things you say the most:
1. Cool.
2. That sucks.
3. That makes me want to cry/vomit.
4. ...yes.
5. Pretty much.
6. I dunno.
7. Uh... whatchamacallit, yeah. (When I'm on the phone I say it like, every two seconds x_X)

Seven things in your room:
1. My bass and clarinet.
2. About three hundred books.
3. A phone.
4. A Gumby action figure.
5. Posters. On the celing.
6. Candles.
7. A lava lamp.

Seven things on your desk:
1. A Sprite bottle.
2. A candle in the shape of a black horse head...
3. A purple lamp.
4. A replica of a skull of a raptor, which I finally unearthed from this kit I got like, five years ago...
5. A gumball dispenser, which is completely devoid of gumballs (of course).
6. A calligraphy set I got from my grandma for Christmas.
7. A small rubber ducky which no longer squeaks.

Right now you are:
1. Taking this test.
2. Sitting down.
3. Listening to music.
4. Watching my little brother, and not getting paid.
5. Thinking about various people...
6. Reading Ender's Shadow.
7. Playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Seven famous people you want to meet (living or dead):
You know, I've never really had a fascination with famous people, but if I had to choose seven...
1. Salvadore Dali
2. Dave Matthews
3. Madeline L'engle
4. The guy who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies. Just so I could make the obligatory breathing noises and "Luke! I am you father!" references. Which would probably piss him off, but still.
5. Sigmund Freud
6. This one comedian guy from Friday Night Stand-Up... I can't remember his name at the moment (the one who I keep stealing the "bananana- damn!" joke from), because he seems like a guy I could get along with fairly well. Conversationally amusing, you know? Well, either him or:
7. Jon Stewart.

Seven facts about you:
1. I'm one of the most tolerant people I know. Which isn't necessarily always a good thing.
2. I have no middle name, and when I was little, I wanted it to be Boston.
3. I never finish anything I begin to write (unless, of course, it's for school).
4. I’m a Christian.
5. Due to my family's odd past, it's actually easier to list where I'm not from. I’m not from Colombia, Chile, Iceland, Antarctica, the whole continent of Africa (save Egypt), Russia, West Asia, Ukraine, or Mongolia, and I think that’s about it... give or take a few countries.
6. I like neither Pina Coladas nor getting caught in the rain (although I do have half a brain).
7. I’m an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. See the aurora borealis.
2. Live somewhere where it snows.
3. Fall in love. At least once, you know?
4. Do several things I'm terrified of, such as getting on one of those huge roller coasters at the fair, or go sky diving.
5. Help my dad.
6. Travel the globe. Not the whole globe, of course. I just want to go somewhere other than the contiguous US.
7. Discover something at least slightly substantial/significant.

Seven things you can do:
1. Whistle.
2. Bend my thumb all the way backward.
3. Bake cookies.
4. Carry on an intelligent conversation.
5. Listen to other people.
6. Play the bass and clarinet. But you knew that already.
7. Write.

Seven things you can't do:
1. Draw, other than stick figures and other useless doodles.
2. Pogo-stick.
3. Remember to write in a journal or a diary everyday.
4. Say the word "Abominable" or "Firaga".
5. Play the auto-harp.
6. Dance, other than swing dancing, which no one seems capable of learning how to do ;-;.
7. Understand why being underground makes things better (in the sense of music and movies).

Huh. I think I was a lot more interesting back then.

But a lot less happy, too (<= possibly a lie).

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