Alex, the Hooloovoo (eelie) wrote,
Alex, the Hooloovoo

Eelie: A Retrospective

I have been reading through my livejournal, and I must say, it makes me seem so much sour-er than I was in reality! Also, I cursed more in high school than at any other point in my life. There are fascinating things to be had here, so I'll leave it up for myself and any others who are interested for reference, but frequently these posts are cringe-worthy in their round-about obvious grasps at attention, which seem to increase rather than decrease with my age at time of posting. How strange, to read this and see how different I was in my attempts to relate to other people through words. It's equally strange to see how much the same I am, which leaks through in the more candid entries not inflated with cynicism, both real and affected.

Anyhow, if you've stumbled upon this, enjoy whatever you can from it!

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