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Props to Alina and Jah-El (and eventually Emily) for remembering that it was my birthday last Wednesday.

I got a Nintendo DS and two games from my various parents.

A dancing robot, afro gum, and breath spray to make me understand modern art from Alina.

Wario ware from Krystina.

Jah-El got me a card because he's poor, but I like him that way <3

And some art from Malaika (lol at Alina, who hates her a lot).

And that's it. I went out to Thai food on Thursday with my mom, and Italian food on my actual birthday (Wednesday) with my dad.

I think I might have a get together-type thing for my birthday (probably just hanging out at my house or something lame like that) next weekend, on Sunday most likely (because if it's on Saturday, Krystina and I think Chris can't go...)

If you're reading this, you're invited, so call me por favor.
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