Alex, the Hooloovoo (eelie) wrote,
Alex, the Hooloovoo

Hahaha, online Health ftw

So in my online health class, I'm doing the "decision-making" segment. Here are two case scenarios that I can choos from to "decide" my way through:

1) You work at the salad bar in a restaurant; your coworkers are your very good friends. They refuse to wear gloves, and they do not wash their hands even after using the bathroom. Your family eats there regularly. What do you do?

You live in the country, the phone is dead, and your father appears to be having severe chest pains. Your mother has been drinking too much, and she is trying to get your father in the car to transport him to the hospital. You know your mother is much too drunk to drive, and you are 15 and have never driven a car. What will you do?

Uh... wtf?
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